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Featured Classes

1. Subtitle Downloader
Chrome extension to download videos and subtitles
2. JavaScript Multi Key Array
Set and get values from arrays using multiple keys
3. Node nmap
Scan a network for computers using nmap
4. JavaScript PDF Flipbook
Browse PDF document like a book turning its pages
5. WebCodeCamJS
Scan barcodes and qrcodes with a Webcam
6. ES5 Spread Operator
Emulate the ES6 spread operator under EcmaScript 5
7. Spin Wheel
jQuery plug-in for the spin the wheel using canvas
". jQuery.pidCrypt
Encrypt form values using RSA and AES
9. JS Subtitle Grabber
Download and extract subtitles from videos
10. JS Merge XML
Merge XML documents from strings or DOM objects
11. Zebra Date Picker
jQuery plugin to let the user pick dates
". WebCodeCam
Barcode and qr code scanner jQuery plugin
13. jQuery Repeatable Form
Allow the user to add repeated form inputs
14. JavaScript Lottery Number Generator
Pick random lottery numbers within a range
15. Persian Calendar
Pick a date from Persian Jalali calendar
16. jQuery Calx
Calculate form input values based on formulas
". EthAvatar.JS
Get avatar image for an Ethereum address
18. JavaScript Spin Wheel Game
Display a wheel that rotates until it is stopped
19. PagSeguro Node.js
Process payments using UOL PagSeguro
20. l.js
Load CSS and JavaScript files in parallel
21. JavaScript MP4 Parser
Parse and extract information from MP4 video files
". JS Webdav Client
Access files of a Webdav server
23. JS Webcam
Capture pictures or video with the webcam
". JS Diff Viewer
Find and view the difference between text strings
25. JavaScript LED Text Scroller
Display a matrix of LED lights of a scrolling text
". JS Rulers Guides
Place and draw guides and rulers like Photoshop
27. JavaScript AVI Parser
Parse and extract information from AVI video files
28. Node.js Promise Redmine
Access Redmine API using Node.js and promises
". Vue js Starter Kit
Compile Vue template files using Gulp
". Lorem Image Cryptonator
Embed encoded text in images using steganography
". Picdoku Game Online
Manage a Sudoku board game online with pictures
?. SVG Snake
Implements the Snake game using SVG with RaphaŽl
33. JavaScript Descriptive Statistics
Perform descriptive statistics on data sets
". Javascript MKV Parser
JavaSParse and extract informationcript MKV Parser
". JS and CSS Resource Loader
Load cached JavaScript and CSS from localStorage
". JS Image to ANSI
Convert an image pixels to ANSI colour codes
37. JavaScript Deobfuscator Tool
Reformat JavaScript and PHP code to be readable
". Brick Slider
Animate page elements laid out as tiled bricks
". JS Filer
Display and manipulate a HTML treeview control
". LZF
Compress and decompress data with LZF algorithm
". HTML Template Editor
Visual HTML template editor
". jQuery Hide Column of Table
jQuery plugin that hides and shows table columns
". secStore.js
Store data securely using AES encryption

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Latest classes

Class Days
Countly SDK for Node.js
Report events to be tracked with by Count.ly API
Zebra Date Picker
jQuery plugin to let the user pick dates
Countly Web SDK
Track site accesses and errors the Countly API
jQuery plugin to load linked pages using AJAX
Terminal Crossword
Generate a crosswords board on a text console